Gap-tastic cowl

Last December, when it was cold, cold, cold, I decided to use some bulky yarn to make a cowl. It'll knit up fast, I thought. I'll get to wear it practically immediately, I thought. I thought wrong. 🙂 This is the project that went beautifully until 80%. At 80%, I left the bag with the... Continue Reading →

Tips for reading non-fiction

I don't like reading non-fiction.There, I said it. It's out in the open now.The thing is, there are so many valuable insights available through reading non-fiction - I can't ignore a huge swath of potential knowledge. So instead of avoiding it, I've been investigating different approaches to be more likely to finish reading non-fiction books... Continue Reading →

My personal commandments

I brainstormed my own personal commandments; these are the overarching principles that I live my life by. Some are part of my core personality that I wanted to underline, while others are things I want to strive for.

A day in the life of a Happiness Engineer, October 2017 edition

I'm a Happiness Engineer on the WooCommerce Orion team, and have been working at Automattic for 18 months now. I'm doing a six month 50% rotation on Happiness Hiring; the rotation is from June until the end of December. That means I still do 50% support on WooCommerce, then handle applications, interviewing, and working with trials during the other 50% of my time.

In all fairness, I didn't set out to drink three shots of espresso. I realized that the grind on the beans was a little too coarse, so adjusted and made another shot. Then another. All three tasted slightly different, too!

Textillia, the Ravelry of sewing?

The sewing world doesn’t have a Ravelry equivalent. Patterns are spread across the Big 4 and the hundreds of indie pattern designers – last week, I was trying to find a specific pants pattern I’d seen a while back and finally gave up.

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