Gap-tastic cowl

Last December, when it was cold, cold, cold, I decided to use some bulky yarn to make a cowl. It'll knit up fast, I thought. I'll get to wear it practically immediately, I thought. I thought wrong. 🙂 This is the project that went beautifully until 80%. At 80%, I left the bag with the... Continue Reading →

Textillia, the Ravelry of sewing?

The sewing world doesn’t have a Ravelry equivalent. Patterns are spread across the Big 4 and the hundreds of indie pattern designers – last week, I was trying to find a specific pants pattern I’d seen a while back and finally gave up.

This sweater came into being the Sunday morning that I asked Fred, "If you would hypothetically like a sweater, what would you prefer?" I was at a stage where I enjoyed planning out projects, choosing the yarn, etc. Fred liked the sweater I had chosen and away I went! According to the Ravelry project page,... Continue Reading →

The Great Cape Adventure

Last fall (as in, October 2014), I became fascinated with the idea of a cape. It might be because of my complete failure to sew up a proper coat - I can sew, but getting stuff to fit my hips, bust and larger arms is a challenge. Enter a cape - this should be easy,... Continue Reading →

When I first moved in, we discussed (argued?) for months about what kind of pillows we wanted on the couch. I wanted pillows, I think Fred might have been ambivalent. But these were too busy, those were too boring, these were too bright, those were... I don't even remember anymore. We finally ended up finding... Continue Reading →

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