Gap-tastic cowl

Last December, when it was cold, cold, cold, I decided to use some bulky yarn to make a cowl. It'll knit up fast, I thought. I'll get to wear it practically immediately, I thought. I thought wrong. ūüôā This is the project that went beautifully until 80%. At 80%, I left the bag with the... Continue Reading →

This sweater came into being the Sunday morning that I asked Fred, "If you would hypothetically like a sweater, what would you prefer?" I was at a stage where I enjoyed planning out projects, choosing the yarn, etc. Fred liked the sweater I had chosen and away I went! According to the Ravelry project page,... Continue Reading →

A different approach for Continental purling

While learning how to do a skill (picking up stitches for the button band for my black Hyss?) I found a new way of purling Continental style! ¬†I can't find the original video that describes the original technique, but I've found another example to share. The lady in the video wrapped the yarn around the... Continue Reading → seems so odd to be planning for a fall wardrobe. It feels so odd to be planning a wardrobe at all! Normally I just browsed stores and when I found something that I liked, fit and had a reasonable price, I bought it. Plus - it's the beginning of August. It's really still summer,... Continue Reading →

I'd had my eye on this shrug¬†pattern (Hyss) since last summer - I just ran out of time/interest to knit it. Then again, last summer I was still on the sock kick. So this spring, when Drops had their sale on wool based yarns, I went ahead and bought a ton of yarn (actually, about... Continue Reading →

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