Happy, striped socks | what should I be writing about?

I seem to cast on a pair of socks each Christmas, finish at least one sock, and then finish the pair by sometime mid-spring. These weren’t any different as I cast off on 6 March. Interestingly, the only reason I did focus on them was because I wanted to start something else, and felt that I have too many UFOs (unfinished objects) floating around. There’s … Continue reading Happy, striped socks | what should I be writing about?

Fred’s monochrome sweater (J√≥n 91149 by Hulda H√°konard√≥ttir)

This sweater came into being the Sunday morning that I asked Fred, “If you would hypothetically like a sweater, what would you prefer?” I was at a stage where I enjoyed planning out projects, choosing the yarn, etc. Fred liked the sweater I had chosen and away I went! According to the Ravelry project page, this took me just over a month in 2015 from … Continue reading Fred’s monochrome sweater (J√≥n 91149 by Hulda H√°konard√≥ttir)

The Great Sock Rush of 2016

I wanted a nice, thick pair of raggsockor so I knit myself a pair. And then I cast on another pair, yet another and finally one more. I’d waited a week or so to write this post, just to see if the rush was over, but I’m eyeing that grey-marled yarn for another pair… these socks are addictive! They’re soft, warm, fun and they knit up ridiculously fast.

The weather here in Sweden has been wet and hovering just below zero. Spring is starting to peek around the corner, but there’s nothing as cozy as a thick pair of socks – unless it’s a thick pair of socks with a cup of coffee.

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A different approach for Continental purling

While learning how to do a skill (picking up stitches for the button band for my black Hyss?) I found a new way of purling Continental style! ¬†I can’t find the original video that describes the original technique, but I’ve found another example to share.

The lady in the video wrapped the yarn around the needle by just lowering fingers on her left hand. No difficult twist or anything like that – just down and then back up. You can see a good example at 1:04 in the video:

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Fall/winter 2015 wardrobe plans

Wow…it seems so odd to be planning for a fall wardrobe. It feels so odd to be planning a wardrobe at all! Normally I just browsed stores and when I found something that I liked, fit and had a reasonable price, I bought it. Plus – it’s the beginning of August. It’s really still summer, or at least as much summer as we have seen in Sweden this year. Having written that, though – I love fall!

So, let’s start from the requirements – I’m a consultant, after all. What would I need in general for fall/winter?

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Hyss shrug: the black edition

I’d had my eye on this shrug¬†pattern (Hyss) since last summer – I just ran out of time/interest to knit it. Then again, last summer I was still on the sock kick. So this spring, when Drops had their sale on wool based yarns, I went ahead and bought a ton of yarn (actually, about 1000 SEK / 115 USD worth of yarn), including some black Cotton Merino to knit this up with. How hard could it be?

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Trillian scarf: subtle and sweet

For a while there, I was on a Hitchhiker shawlette kick. They were just so easy to make and looked so cool, especially with the interestingly dyed yarns. Fred asked me if I would make one for his mother. I suggested Malabrigo sock and he chose this gorgeous Lotus colorway.

I cast on a Hitchhiker with the yarn, but I had used a 2.5 mm needle – I was hoping for a more drapey look. This is supposed to be a summer scarf, light and airy. I was also looking for an excuse to start a Trillian, because it just looked so classy. After a few weeks of debating, I frogged the Hitchhiker and cast on the Trillian, this time with a 3.5 mm needle. The results are absolutely gorgeous.

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