For a while there, I was on a Hitchhiker shawlette kick. They were just so easy to make and looked so cool, especially with the interestingly dyed yarns. Fred asked me if I would make one for his mother. I suggested Malabrigo sock and he chose this gorgeous Lotus colorway. I cast on a Hitchhiker... Continue Reading →

It might be better to say that the raw materials for Fred's new sweater have arrived. All sixteen balls of Icelandic wool in their monochromatic glory for the pattern "91149 Jón by Hulda Hákonardóttir". The project's working title is "Fred's Monochrome Sweater". I was playing around on Ravelry last weekend. I turned to Fred and... Continue Reading →

After deciding not to take up leatherworking to create a case for our new TomTom, I knit a case instead. Here's what the final version looks like: I'm quite proud of myself, as I actually looked at the measurements of the TomTom and the gauge of the yarn to calculate how many stitches I should... Continue Reading →

Given the success I had with the Little Boy Brown sweater, I decided to knit a larger version for my niece, Aubrey. I loved working on it so much that it all went very quickly - I was even working on it on the plane to and from Malta in May. It was just such a... Continue Reading →

I'm really not sure where they're all coming from. Maybe I'm not giving them away fast enough. Maybe I need to store them in a more attractive manner. But they just keep appearing!  

My Monkeys are done! And they look gorgeous on the blocking forms, though you can really see where I learned to do the yarn overs correctly. Oops. 🙂

Sock blockers for my birthday!

My mom bought me a pair of nice sock blockers for my birthday and then shipped them to Sweden for me. I haven't actually had sock blockers before and wow, they make the socks look amazing! Plus - dragons! This is definitely incentive to finish the other Monkey sock so I can go ahead and wet block... Continue Reading →

My yarn overs were backwards!

I was a bit frustrated with my Rosy Posies project because I felt that the yarn-overs weren't loose and airy enough. I'd seen something similar with my Monkeys, too - but I just put it down to my gauge being really weird. It turns out that all this time, I've been doing the yarn-overs wrong.... Continue Reading →

So I convinced the people at work that they needed to send me to Gothenburg to assist on a project, which is why I now find myself on a train. Taking pictures to show the Swedish countryside is difficult with my phone. On said train, I'm supposed to be working. After all, there are people... Continue Reading →

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