Cake Patterns: Pavlova skirt

This project seems like it was doomed to failure from the beginning. How did I ever miss the signs? But yet - there is definitely a happy ending! I liked Cake Patterns - I made a ton of Espresso Leggings last year. I needed help with understanding how to handle some wrinkles and the seller... Continue Reading →

A different approach for Continental purling

While learning how to do a skill (picking up stitches for the button band for my black Hyss?) I found a new way of purling Continental style!  I can't find the original video that describes the original technique, but I've found another example to share. The lady in the video wrapped the yarn around the... Continue Reading → seems so odd to be planning for a fall wardrobe. It feels so odd to be planning a wardrobe at all! Normally I just browsed stores and when I found something that I liked, fit and had a reasonable price, I bought it. Plus - it's the beginning of August. It's really still summer,... Continue Reading →

Threading the Brother 1034D overlock/serger

I got my Brother 1034D overlocker/serger back in the spring and I've been having a blast with it. What an awesome tool! One of the things that I've spent the most time on is learning how to thread it. Unfortunately, the resources that Brother sent with the machine are not that great - they're low quality... Continue Reading →

I'd been eyeing the Muse Jenna Cardi for a while, but really wasn't sure if it would be flattering on me. I wasn't too sure about the contrasting color versions that I've seen around - I prefer simplicity. Also, I'm avoiding anything I need to add a FBA to, as I haven't successfully done one... Continue Reading →

I'd had my eye on this shrug pattern (Hyss) since last summer - I just ran out of time/interest to knit it. Then again, last summer I was still on the sock kick. So this spring, when Drops had their sale on wool based yarns, I went ahead and bought a ton of yarn (actually, about... Continue Reading →

For a while there, I was on a Hitchhiker shawlette kick. They were just so easy to make and looked so cool, especially with the interestingly dyed yarns. Fred asked me if I would make one for his mother. I suggested Malabrigo sock and he chose this gorgeous Lotus colorway. I cast on a Hitchhiker... Continue Reading →

Inspired by the Swedish love of long, flowy dresses in the summer as well as my beloved Rae linen skirt, I decided to give a really light viscose fabric a try. I picked up 2.5 meters at a Saturday afternoon fieldtrip to the Sundbyberg Textilcentrum. I put this skirt on hold because I didn't want... Continue Reading →

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