A different approach for Continental purling

While learning how to do a skill (picking up stitches for the button band for my black Hyss?) I found a new way of purling Continental style!  I can’t find the original video that describes the original technique, but I’ve found another example to share.

The lady in the video wrapped the yarn around the needle by just lowering fingers on her left hand. No difficult twist or anything like that – just down and then back up. You can see a good example at 1:04 in the video:

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Threading the Brother 1034D overlock/serger

I got my Brother 1034D overlocker/serger back in the spring and I’ve been having a blast with it. What an awesome tool! One of the things that I’ve spent the most time on is learning how to thread it. Unfortunately, the resources that Brother sent with the machine are not that great – they’re low quality and don’t really show enough detail. I have now found … Continue reading Threading the Brother 1034D overlock/serger