The Great Cape Adventure

Last fall (as in, October 2014), I became fascinated with the idea of a cape. It might be because of my complete failure to sew up a proper coat - I can sew, but getting stuff to fit my hips, bust and larger arms is a challenge. Enter a cape - this should be easy,... Continue Reading →

When I first moved in, we discussed (argued?) for months about what kind of pillows we wanted on the couch. I wanted pillows, I think Fred might have been ambivalent. But these were too busy, those were too boring, these were too bright, those were... I don't even remember anymore. We finally ended up finding... Continue Reading →

Cake Patterns: Pavlova skirt

This project seems like it was doomed to failure from the beginning. How did I ever miss the signs? But yet - there is definitely a happy ending! I liked Cake Patterns - I made a ton of Espresso Leggings last year. I needed help with understanding how to handle some wrinkles and the seller... Continue Reading → seems so odd to be planning for a fall wardrobe. It feels so odd to be planning a wardrobe at all! Normally I just browsed stores and when I found something that I liked, fit and had a reasonable price, I bought it. Plus - it's the beginning of August. It's really still summer,... Continue Reading →

I'd been eyeing the Muse Jenna Cardi for a while, but really wasn't sure if it would be flattering on me. I wasn't too sure about the contrasting color versions that I've seen around - I prefer simplicity. Also, I'm avoiding anything I need to add a FBA to, as I haven't successfully done one... Continue Reading →

Inspired by the Swedish love of long, flowy dresses in the summer as well as my beloved Rae linen skirt, I decided to give a really light viscose fabric a try. I picked up 2.5 meters at a Saturday afternoon fieldtrip to the Sundbyberg Textilcentrum. I put this skirt on hold because I didn't want... Continue Reading →

After re-reading this post, I realize it's practically an ode to a skirt. A skirt! Then again, I really like this skirt. 🙂 When I first started sewing again last summer, the Curvy Sewing Collective was getting up and running and Sophie-Lee at the Curvy Collective did a review on the Rae skirt pattern from Sewaholic. On... Continue Reading →

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