I shaved my head and it was awesome.

I always wanted to shave my head. I just never dared.

At a certain point, though, I had so many reasons to. It didn’t seem fair that guys could have such an easy hairstyle, while I was stuck with a mess of curls. It never looked neat and put together, not matter what I did to it.  I moved to Sweden and couldn’t quite accept the 300 sek ($40 USD) hair cut every six weeks just to keep my hair under control.

Really, though – I wanted to. Shouldn’t that be a good enough reason?

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Results after 100 days of Colemak: 100 WPM

While I was doing my Automattic trial, I came across information about using alternative keyboard layouts – Dvorak and Colemak. if you look at the distance your fingers travel to type the same words, QWERTY is much less efficient than Dvorak or Colemak. In my typical “why not?” approach, I challenged myself to learn Colemak during Christmas and be able to type 50 WPM by the end of the Christmas holiday. As of today, 100 days*  after I started, I managed to hit 100 WPM.

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Embracing Colemak’s caps lock as backspace

I used to joke that I was really fast at typing because I could hit the backspace and fix my mistakes really quickly. Backspace is an inefficient key, if you’re looking at distance travelled when typing. Part of the Colemak layout involves mapping the caps lock key to be backspace: it’s much more efficient and how often do you really use backspace?

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Using dampeners to quiet down my mechanical keyboard

Last fall, we both bought DAS Keyboard Ultimate keyboards with Cherry MX Blue switches. While Fred seems to be a fairly light typist, I can make a lot of noise with my keyboard. It turns out that I am bottoming out (hitting the bottom of the keyboard) on each stroke, which is loud. Seriously, loud. It also feels hard on my hands, because your finger travels a bit further and then abruptly stopped.

To combat this, we both ordered o-ring dampeners and installed them.

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Introducing my keyboard, the DAS Keyboard Ultimate

Ever since I saw this keyboard on Lifehacker many years ago, I wanted it. There was something about having blank keys that appealed to me as a typist – after all, if I didn’t need to look at the keys, then why bother having any labels?

Last fall, Fred and I looked at each other and decided to each buy the DAS Keyboard Ultimate. I had no idea that we were taking the red pill by buying a mechanical keyboard.

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