My personal commandments

I brainstormed my own personal commandments; these are the overarching principles that I live my life by. Some are part of my core personality that I wanted to underline, while others are things I want to strive for.

A day in the life of a Happiness Engineer, October 2017 edition

I'm a Happiness Engineer on the WooCommerce Orion team, and have been working at Automattic for 18 months now. I'm doing a six month 50% rotation on Happiness Hiring; the rotation is from June until the end of December. That means I still do 50% support on WooCommerce, then handle applications, interviewing, and working with trials during the other 50% of my time.

In all fairness, I didn't set out to drink three shots of espresso. I realized that the grind on the beans was a little too coarse, so adjusted and made another shot. Then another. All three tasted slightly different, too!

When good manners and equality clash

I've never thought very much about all of the different angles around the concept of men opening doors for women. I mentally shrugged my shoulders, thanked people when they held the door for me, held the door for others and went on with my life. Sweden is very much into gender-equality, so it hasn't come up. After a few days of having multiple men hold the door for me as a polite gesture, I'm surprised at just how surprised and startled I am by it.

A (semi) typical work day for me, February 2017 edition

As a WooCommerce Happiness Engineer at Automattic, I spend some of my time directly helping customers. I also get to travel quite a bit, to different conferences and to meet my colleagues all over the world. I'll focus on a day at home (just outside of Stockholm, Sweden), because the other days are anything but typical.

Did she fake those Fitbit steps?

Note: I'd actually hidden this post for a while, thinking it was way too personal to be sharing on the internet. And what if people were embarrassed¬†that I was talking about this? So I've opened it up again. The post expresses my thoughts well and ultimately has a positive note. ¬†I'm filing this experience under... Continue Reading →

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