The Sound of Silence: a song with oomph

Every Sunday morning, we drive over to Barkaby to do our weekly grocery shopping. Fred has started a playlist for this drive (we’re huge Spotify listeners) and he’s nice enough to not play death metal while I’m still waking up. 🙂 Last Sunday, a song caught my attention and it turned out to be The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. I was fascinated and have spent most of the week listening to it.

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Hello, world!

Yes, that’s one of the most geeky openings I could possibly come up with. I’m sure I could have found something vaguely Whovian, but I’m sure this will do, too. I started a new blog. I’ve found myself wanting to say things, make comments and simply share observations that don’t fit into just pattern/project notes over at Ravelry. So, hence, a blog. I think this … Continue reading Hello, world!