Automattic: my journey from application to hire

Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm a WooCommerce Happiness Engineer at Automattic. Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce and many other products. I successfully completed my trial for Happiness Engineer on During my trial, I read as much as I possibly could about other people's experiences. Good, bad, it didn't matter. I... Continue Reading →

When I first moved in, we discussed (argued?) for months about what kind of pillows we wanted on the couch. I wanted pillows, I think Fred might have been ambivalent. But these were too busy, those were too boring, these were too bright, those were... I don't even remember anymore. We finally ended up finding... Continue Reading →

So I convinced the people at work that they needed to send me to Gothenburg to assist on a project, which is why I now find myself on a train. Taking pictures to show the Swedish countryside is difficult with my phone. On said train, I'm supposed to be working. After all, there are people... Continue Reading →

Hello, world!

Yes, that's one of the most geeky openings I could possibly come up with. I'm sure I could have found something vaguely Whovian, but I'm sure this will do, too. I started a new blog. I've found myself wanting to say things, make comments and simply share observations that don't fit into just pattern/project notes... Continue Reading →

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