Happy, striped socks | what should I be writing about?

I seem to cast on a pair of socks each Christmas, finish at least one sock, and then finish the pair by sometime mid-spring. These weren’t any different as I cast off on 6 March. Interestingly, the only reason I did focus on them was because I wanted to start something else, and felt that I have too many UFOs (unfinished objects) floating around. There’s … Continue reading Happy, striped socks | what should I be writing about?

Fred’s monochrome sweater (J贸n 91149 by Hulda H谩konard贸ttir)

This sweater came into being the Sunday morning that I asked Fred, “If you would hypothetically like a sweater, what would you prefer?” I was at a stage where I enjoyed planning out projects, choosing the yarn, etc. Fred liked the sweater I had chosen and away I went! According to the Ravelry project page, this took me just over a month in 2015 from … Continue reading Fred’s monochrome sweater (J贸n 91149 by Hulda H谩konard贸ttir)

Muse Jenna cardi: my new favorite sweater

I’d been eyeing the Muse Jenna Cardi for a while, but really wasn’t sure if it would be flattering on me. I wasn’t too sure about the contrasting color versions that I’ve seen around – I prefer simplicity. Also, I’m avoiding anything I need to add a FBA to, as I haven’t successfully done one of those yet. But it looked very cute and I wanted a simple, cropped cardigan so I decided to give it a whirl.

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Hyss shrug: the black edition

I’d had my eye on this shrug聽pattern (Hyss) since last summer – I just ran out of time/interest to knit it. Then again, last summer I was still on the sock kick. So this spring, when Drops had their sale on wool based yarns, I went ahead and bought a ton of yarn (actually, about 1000 SEK / 115 USD worth of yarn), including some black Cotton Merino to knit this up with. How hard could it be?

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Trillian scarf: subtle and sweet

For a while there, I was on a Hitchhiker shawlette kick. They were just so easy to make and looked so cool, especially with the interestingly dyed yarns. Fred asked me if I would make one for his mother. I suggested Malabrigo sock and he chose this gorgeous Lotus colorway.

I cast on a Hitchhiker with the yarn, but I had used a 2.5 mm needle – I was hoping for a more drapey look. This is supposed to be a summer scarf, light and airy. I was also looking for an excuse to start a Trillian, because it just looked so classy. After a few weeks of debating, I frogged the Hitchhiker and cast on the Trillian, this time with a 3.5 mm needle. The results are absolutely gorgeous.

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